Is Ken Bennett Arizona Secretary of State a PEDOPHILE?

An excellent piece of Investigative Journalism was done by 1 UNDERGROUND in regards to asking the question.

IS KEN BENNETT the current Arizona Secretary of State a Pedophile?

It appearsĀ Ken Bennett has a son Clifton Bennett that was convicted of sex crimes against 11 to 15 year old boys in 2006.

A connection to Ken BennettĀ and his being an AZ State Senator has been revealed by 1 UNDERGROUND, that may make him the alleged PEDOPHILE in the book THE THREE YEAR LIE, a true life story of a victim of SEX ABUSE by an Arizona State Senator in the time frame when Ken Bennett was in fact an Arizona State Senator from PREScott AZ.

The pedophile in THE THREE YEAR LIE is named DAMIEN PRESton.

So far the author of THE THREE YEAR LIE a former PLAYBOY BUNNY is not saying exactly who Damien PRESCOTT the powerful AZ State Senator is, only that he is an alleged member of the powerful ILLUMINATI.

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